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Men's Journey to Freedom Workbook

Compiled by Aaron Hansel

A Men's Journey to Freedom is a 30 day challenge for men to begin the process of gaining freedom from the bondage of pornography and sexual addictions. This workbook is designed to equip men on a daily basis with the tools necessary to defeat the assault that pornography launches against them. This workbook can be used personally, or in accountability and small groups, and coincides with the 30 day video series.


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Protecting Your Family From Sexual Assault

We can all agree that children are our greatest treasure. Children are priceless, trusting, and vulnerable. There are, unfortunately, people that prey upon a child's trust and vulnerability to their own end. Our goal in the creation of this book is to equip parents, guardians, grandparents, and family members with information, understanding, and practical tools to protect children. 


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Price:   $9.95 

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by Aaron Hansel and David Morgan, M.S, M.F.T.

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